Rooted In Love

To follow Christ, we must learn to love like God...and that includes learning to love our enemies.

Chris Woodrow
Flying At An Angle
FLYING AT AN ANGLE sermon title.png

If we want to be healthy—in our families and in our churches—we can't organize around dysfunction.

Don Hebbard
Seed Stories

Our primary purpose is not to understand how God works in peoples' hearts. Our goal is to plant seeds and water them…and trust in God with the rest.

Chris Woodrow

When you accumulate too much baggage, it’s time to get rid of some things.

Ritchie Hamm
What Now?
Task Force Video_Moment.jpg

What is our plan in moving forward? Listen to this presentation from our Growing Young Task Force.

Audio from video begins @ 00:00; Sermon begins @ 02:40; Elder comments begin @ 33.56

Here is the video we played before Ritchie got up to speak. In it you can see the members of our Growing Young Task Force, and the conclusions of their work:

Ritchie Hamm