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Shepherd Stories: Mark Groveunder
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What's it been like, being a shepherd of a church?

It has been a true blessing to be a shepherd at BCC. I have been amazed at the positive feedback and words of encouragement I have received. It is not easy to please everyone. But based on the feedback I have received, we seem to be headed in the right direction. It is often a challenge for us as shepherds to be everywhere because each of us has full-time jobs, and for me, that often includes travel. But this also highlights one of our objectives, which is to increase the breadth and depth of our volunteers. We want to empower them to do that which we believe God has called us to do. We have seen tremendous growth at BCC—not just in the number of people, but also in our spiritual development. I look forward to seeing what else God has in store for us as individuals and as a group called the Belton Church of Christ.

Take a few minutes—without distractions—to reflect on this story. Finish your reflection time in prayer. Please pray especially for our Shepherds, as they continue to lead us.