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Igor & Natasha Egirev

Igor is the president of Christian Resource Center, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. CRCRussia began in 1991 in a small room, sending Bibles and literature to seekers across Russia.

The Center now offers the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry, which offers residential courses for Russian church leaders. Instead of traveling overseas, these leaders receive training and education in their native language.

The Center has also established the Russian Bible School, which offers online classes for seekers and Christians alike. So far, over 1,000 students have completed the course of study, and over 20 home-based congregations have been established through the efforts of the Russian Bible School.

Along with these schools, the Center also supports local Russian congregations with additional resources, including:

  • Congregational singing resources, with many of the hymns written by Russian songwriters

  • Seminars and conferences, both to equip churches and to help them connect with each other

Take a few minutes to reflect on this ministry we support. Finish your reflection time in prayer. Pray especially for Igor & Natasha, and the efforts of CRCRussia.