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Jace & Bekah Allen
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Jace & Bekah are graduates of Texas A&M and participated in missions with Aggies for Christ. Jace is trained in marriage and family counseling and is currently working on an online Master’s degree in counseling. He serves as the director of Living Well, a Christian inter-agency non-profit cooperative that provides training, assessment, counseling, and opportunities for US missionaries living and working in Cambodia. Their aim is to provide holistic support and education, to serve those who serve. They desire to provide resources and support to organizations, individuals, couples, and families to help them “live well” while in Cambodia. Jace believes God has been preparing him for this opportunity to be able to make disciples through his access to many families who are working in Cambodia. As part of that ministry, Jace and Bekah were recently asked to minister a Cambodian church to speak to their young families about developing a Christian culture in their home. Because most Christians in Cambodia are first-generation Christians, they have very little experience in many areas of Christian living. Jace and Bekah have also been asked to directly minister to a group of missionaries living and working in Cambodia.

Bekah has always been interested in non-profits working against human trafficking and helping with women who are abused. Because of that interest, Bekah quickly became involved in setting up Bible studies in a women’s prison in Phnom Penh. This group has been very receptive to the gospel. Their study group has grown rapidly and the influence of her students has begun to impact some of guards as well. Many of these women have now become teachers themselves. There have been a number of baptisms. While Bekah was away in Thailand for her most recent maternity care, there were several new disciples who took over to teach the classes for Bekah.

Recently, the president of Cambodia made a decision to release a large number of women prisoners to relieve over-crowding in the prisons. Now, many of these new disciples will be going back to their homes where they can carry the gospel to their own families and friends.

Take a few minutes to reflect on this ministry we support. Finish your reflection time in prayer. Pray especially for Jace & Bekah and the people of Cambodia.