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Jace & Bekah Allen
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Jace & Bekah are graduates of Texas A&M and participated in missions with Aggies for Christ. Jace is trained in marriage and family counseling and is currently working on an online Master’s degree in counseling. He serves as the director of Living Well, a Christian inter-agency non-profit cooperative that provides training, assessment, counseling, and opportunities for US missionaries living and working in Cambodia. Their aim is to provide holistic support and education, to serve those who serve. They desire to provide resources and support to organizations, individuals, couples, and families to help them “live well” while in Cambodia. Jace believes God has been preparing him for this opportunity to be able to make disciples through his access to many families who are working in Cambodia. As part of that ministry, Jace and Bekah were recently asked to minister a Cambodian church to speak to their young families about developing a Christian culture in their home. Because most Christians in Cambodia are first-generation Christians, they have very little experience in many areas of Christian living. Jace and Bekah have also been asked to directly minister to a group of missionaries living and working in Cambodia.

Bekah has always been interested in non-profits working against human trafficking and helping with women who are abused. Because of that interest, Bekah quickly became involved in setting up Bible studies in a women’s prison in Phnom Penh. This group has been very receptive to the gospel. Their study group has grown rapidly and the influence of her students has begun to impact some of guards as well. Many of these women have now become teachers themselves. There have been a number of baptisms. While Bekah was away in Thailand for her most recent maternity care, there were several new disciples who took over to teach the classes for Bekah.

Recently, the president of Cambodia made a decision to release a large number of women prisoners to relieve over-crowding in the prisons. Now, many of these new disciples will be going back to their homes where they can carry the gospel to their own families and friends.

Take a few minutes to reflect on this ministry we support. Finish your reflection time in prayer. Pray especially for Jace & Bekah and the people of Cambodia.

Camp Koinonia

“Camp K” began in 1975 as a way to reach teens in Central Texas. Our church partners with area churches, and we invite teens throughout the area to join us.

Koinonia is a Greek word meaning “fellowship,” and Camp K is all about fellowship. Relationships built at camp have lasted for years. Even more importantly, relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ have been challenged, changed, strengthened, built, developed, reinforced, and encouraged for a lifetime of service to the kingdom of God.

Camp K will begin Senior Week on June 23 and Junior Week on June 30. If you’d like to help us prepare for Camp K, you can come this Wednesday night for a special service night!

Take a few minutes—without distractions—to reflect on the ministry of Camp Koinonia. Think about those you know who will be attending or serving this year. Pray for them. Pray also for the “new” students at Camp K—those who haven’t yet learned about the love of Jesus Christ.

Igor & Natasha Egirev

Igor is the president of Christian Resource Center, located in St. Petersburg, Russia. CRCRussia began in 1991 in a small room, sending Bibles and literature to seekers across Russia.

The Center now offers the Institute of Theology and Christian Ministry, which offers residential courses for Russian church leaders. Instead of traveling overseas, these leaders receive training and education in their native language.

The Center has also established the Russian Bible School, which offers online classes for seekers and Christians alike. So far, over 1,000 students have completed the course of study, and over 20 home-based congregations have been established through the efforts of the Russian Bible School.

Along with these schools, the Center also supports local Russian congregations with additional resources, including:

  • Congregational singing resources, with many of the hymns written by Russian songwriters

  • Seminars and conferences, both to equip churches and to help them connect with each other

Take a few minutes to reflect on this ministry we support. Finish your reflection time in prayer. Pray especially for Igor & Natasha, and the efforts of CRCRussia.

JoJo & Janet Ramos

JoJo & Janet Ramos have been Christians for about 15 years. We became acquainted with their work thru Mission Resource Network who trained JoJo and Janet in their Disciple Making Movement (DMM). They were introduced to us as a very mission-minded couple who are partially self-supporting in their work. They are both very successful business entrepreneurs. At one time they owned a chain of video rental stores which they sold to help fund their ministries. Then Janet opened “Infintea,” a franchise tea in the heart of Baguio City. Now she has opened a second franchise. They enlist all of their kids in running the business, freeing JoJo and Janet up for ministry.

JoJo is the mission coordinator for the Mid-Town Church of Christ in Baguio City. He has helped to plant three congregations in the Bokod and Pito areas of the mountain where he grew up. Much of JoJo’s roots and family are still located there. JoJo and Janet use the youth group from Mid-Town and their own children to minister and train disciples in the mountains. They continue to make the six-hour trip on mountain roads to help mature their Christian brothers in Christ. JoJo and Janet have recently begun to adopt children day care centers where they can minister to the children in support of local churches. Now those day care centers have become places of worship for families to hear the Gospel.

Early in our association with JoJo and Janet, they introduced to us the opportunity to help create the “upper room.” This room was above Janet’s tea business and could be used as a Christian library/Bible Study/meeting place for youth groups and other Christians. Members from Belton helped to supply funds for the renovation and furnishings of the “upper room,” along with many boxes of supplies, books, and teaching materials.

The “upper room” has been a great blessing to their ministry in Baguio. Janet’s business is in the heart of the city with several nearby universities. Activities at the “upper room” have become almost constant, with students coming for Bible study and classes. In the near future, Lord willing, Janet will take in the retail space next to her, allowing her business and “upper room” space to double in size, potentially adding a new congregation.

Food, clothing, and school supplies provided by Belton are often distributed to those in need. After a major typhoon hit the Philippines last year, JoJo and Janet went to the Loacan area where the roads and landslides had made relief efforts very difficult. They quickly decided to feed and minister to the soldiers who were doing the actual search and recovery operations. Once the soldiers had done their work, Janet, JoJo, and many of his high school classmates organized food distribution to over 250 families. Thanks to the Belton Church for their special contributions, they were also able to plan and execute a medical mission for that community. As a result, a new congregation has now been planted in that place.

Now JoJo and Janet have been working with Mission Resource Network to train preachers and disciples in Janet’s home area to the north. Churches have been planted in Isabela, Cagayan, and Kalinga. The preachers are financially supported by JoJo and Janet and the Pasir Panjang congregation from Singapore.

Jo & Janet are also very well known throughout Southeast Asia as a resource to help other churches to train and equip their members. In the last year, Janet has made a trip to Korea to associate with Filipina Christians working there. They were invited to Payap Christian Zone in Chang Mai, Thailand to minister to Burmese refugees. They were also invited to Hong Kong and the Wanchai Church of Christ to minister to their ladies of the congregation. Janet did a seminar in a local park for 58 women.

Last July JoJo was asked by Sunset International Bible Institute to distribute 2000 solar players to key leaders of the churches in the Philippines. These players were each loaded with the entire SIBI Bible curriculum, as well as Bible reference materials and hymns that could be used in remote areas with no electricity.

JoJo and Janet continue to feel God calling to make disciples through the Filipino population that is scattered throughout the world. Filipinos are generally, very caring healthcare workers, housekeepers, teachers etc. Once they are converted and trained to be a disciple, they can help to carry the gospel to many of the unreached peoples of the world. In the future, JoJo and Janet will pray God makes his plans known to them.

Take a few minutes—without distractions—to reflect on this story. Finish your reflection time in prayer. Pray especially for JoJo and Janet, and their ministries to Southeast Asia.