Shepherd Stories: Dave Jarratt

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The joy of serving as a Shepherd

From time to time I am asked, "how has shepherding been a blessing?" Often, my simple response is “the opportunities that God gives weekly for relationship.” Over the past six years serving our congregation in this way, God has connected Rebekah and me with numerous others relationally in our walk together with Him in Belton. Some of those connections begin with those who visit BCoC for the first time. Sometimes those connections spring from Christian brothers and sisters sharing their faith, joys and struggles as we learn more of God's Word in a group study or class discussion. Other times, new connections in Christ arise from longtime family trust relationships that cross generations within our congregation. Our children were all raised in the Belton church throughout our Military service, and their lives and faith walks (including ours as a family) were nurtured by the love and encouragement of this body. One of my personal joys comes when younger members connect with us in Christ one-on-one, perhaps because they have seen us connect with their parents or grandparents over the years. As a Shepherd, I find joy daily in walking with fellow Shepherds in seeking after our Savior, learning from God's Word together, and listening for the Spirit's urging so that all of us, of every age, might grow more and more to be fully devoted followers of Jesus. It really is a blessing to recognize that our joy in the Lord comes from sharing His love with others. We truly are one in Christ Jesus.

Your Brother in Christ,

Dave Jarratt