Camp Koinonia


“Camp K” began in 1975 as a way to reach teens in Central Texas. Our church partners with area churches, and we invite teens throughout the area to join us.

Koinonia is a Greek word meaning “fellowship,” and Camp K is all about fellowship. Relationships built at camp have lasted for years. Even more importantly, relationships with the Lord Jesus Christ have been challenged, changed, strengthened, built, developed, reinforced, and encouraged for a lifetime of service to the kingdom of God.

Camp K will begin Senior Week on June 23 and Junior Week on June 30. If you’d like to help us prepare for Camp K, you can come this Wednesday night for a special service night!

Take a few minutes—without distractions—to reflect on the ministry of Camp Koinonia. Think about those you know who will be attending or serving this year. Pray for them. Pray also for the “new” students at Camp K—those who haven’t yet learned about the love of Jesus Christ.