Examen ("Examination")


Too often, we go through our day, unaware of the world around us, unaware of God, and even unaware of ourselves.

The spiritual discipline of examen is one way we can pay more attention, to notice God and your God-given desires.

Find a quiet moment to reflect on the events of your day. Ask these questions (or similar ones):

  • When did I give love? When did I withhold love?

  • When did I feel energized? When did I feel low?

  • Where did I see God at work today? Did I notice it while it was happening, or only afterward?

  • What emotions did I experience today? Are those emotions telling me something I need to hear?

  • What should I be grateful for? What were God’s gifts in my life today, big or small?

  • What is one thing from today I feel called to pray about? What should I pray about as I prepare for tomorrow?

Families with young children: you can practice some of these questions at meals or at bedtime.

  • “I spy God” – where did you see God at work today?

  • “Rose, thorn, bud” – what was something good that happened today? Something sad? What are you looking forward to tomorrow?