Are you tired? Are you weary?

Have you felt stretched to the point of breaking?

Is your soul longing for renewal?

As summer begins, we wanted to offer this set of daily devotional guides. Each day in June, you can intentionally focus on some way that God is at work…in the world, in our communities, or in your life.

Each day has a particular theme:

  • Each Sunday, we’ll reflect on Ritchie’s sermon.

  • Each Monday, we’ll learn about one of our missionary couples and pray for them.

  • Each Tuesday, you’ll be given a short video from The Bible Project that illustrates a Biblical theme.

  • Each Wednesday, you’ll have multiple opportunities to serve our church and our community.

  • Each Thursday, one of our Shepherds will share one of their ministry stories.

  • Each Friday, one of our members will share one of their ministry stories.

  • Each Saturday, you’ll be given a unique spiritual discipline to learn about and practice.

We hope that these guides offer refreshment for your soul!

Chris Woodrow