One Step Away - Part 4


  1. What are some of your stereotypical fears? (Spiders, snakes, clowns?)

  2. What are some of your unusual fears?

  3. Have you ever experienced a big storm? What was it like?

  4. Have you ever experienced being in a storm at sea? In the air? What was itlike?


  1. Re-read Matthew 14:22-33

  2. Ritchie’s been talking about “getting out of the boat” and stepping out on faith.
    What’s nice about staying in the boat?

  3. What’s wrong with staying in the boat?

  4. How can fear be helpful in life?

  5. How can fear be harmful in life?


  1. What is your boat? What do you feel like God is calling you to change?

  2. What’s holding you back? Is it fear?

  3. What can we do to help?

Chris Woodrow