One Step Away - Part 5


  1. What are some of your favorite worship songs?

  2. What other ways do you like to connect with God? (specific prayers, or specific times to pray? a journal? meditation?)

  3. Have you ever immediately thanked God after a scary moment?


  1. Reread Matthew 14:13-33. Why do you think the disciples immediately started worshiping Jesus? (What would you do?)

  2. Why do you think the disciples waited until the storm to worship Jesus?

  3. What do you think it was like to worship Jesus in that boat?

  4. Read Jonah 1:1-16. Does this sound familiar to the story in Matthew?

  5. In your experience, when do you find yourself losing focus and taking your eyes off Jesus?

  6. How does your relationship with God change in moments of crisis? Do you turn to God more, or less?


  1. Ritchie said, “worship is what we do when we realize who God is and what He's done.” When have you experienced something, and you knew it was God?

  2. If Jesus can walk on water, rescue Peter, and calm the storm, what do you need him to do in your life right now?

  3. Are you hesitant to let Jesus do amazing things in your life? (Why or why not?)

  4. Would you risk the comfort and security of your boat for a chance to see the amazing work of God?

Chris Woodrow