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 Back to School Blessing

Sunday, Aug. 18 is our Back to School Blessing for all of our K-12th grade students.

Please come Sunday morning with your blessing already prepared to be shared with your child.

Read below for a description and examples of how to write a blessing.

What is a blessing?

A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a Bible passage, and/or words of encouragement.  They often are made for the purpose of declaring God's protection, joy, wisdom, and favor on a person. They are spoken and/or written and shared with the recipient. 

Why is it important for my family?

Saying blessings over your children is an important part of their spiritual growth. As you bless your child, you communicate important truths to them about who they are and the hope you have for their lives. As you bless them, you share not just how special they are to you but also that they play an important part in God's story. Your blessing opens them up to receiving God's call for their lives and lets them know you have confidence that they can listen to and obey His voice.

How to Write A Blessing:

  • Choose a Scripture that is important to you or your child

  • Write out your hopes for your child

  • Point out your child's strengths

  • Encourage them to use their strengths throughout the school year

  • Pray that God will bless your child to the fullest

Here are some examples:

A few other tips to make your blessing meaningful:

  • Personalize it.

  • Lay your hands on your child's head or shoulders as you speak.

  • Communicate the high value they have in your own life.

  • Charge them to make active commitments in their own life.

  • Communicate your confidence in their ability to achieve much this year/in their life, etc.

Breakfast and the blessing will take place in the gym. After breakfast, there will be a brief time of instruction followed by the family blessings. Then we will break up into grades and have a time of prayer and blessing for each individual grade.